MDH Avanti N.O.P.

United X Farrington

Gelding, 2005

MDH Avanti N.O.P. and Anne are submitted to the Dutch Olympic squad.

Owner: MDH Sporthorses

MDH Welt Hill

Welt Hit II X Donnerball

Gelding, 2009

Welt Hill is successfully competing with Lotte at GP U25 level.

Owner: MDH Sporthorses

MDH Fantastique

Armani X Contango

Gelding, 2010

Fantastique is currently competing with Lotte at GP U25 level.

Owner: MDH Sporthorses

Night Fever

FS Numero Uno x Lucky Boy

Stallion, 2016 (pony)

Owner: MDH Sporthorses

Esther SVN

Voice X Jazz

Mare, 2009

Lotte will be competing with Esther SVN at U25 GP level.

Owner: Stal van Nobelen

My Romance

For Romance x Lord Leatherdale

Stallion, 2017

Owner: VRB Group & Hengstenstation van Uyz


Dancer X Cocktail

Gelding, 2012

Hotspot is competing with Anne at Small tour level.

Owner: F. Hazenveld

Last Night Texel

Glamourdale X Voltaire

Gelding, 2016

Last Night Texel is being trained by Lotte.

Owner: MDH Sporthorses

Lord Johnson

Johnson X Krack C

Gelding, 2016

Lord Johnson is being trained by Anne.

Owner: MDH Sporthorses

I Am Here

Jack Sparrow X Farrington

Gelding, 2013

Owner: fam. Steevens


Casino Royale X FS Golden Moonlight

Mare, 2015 (pony)

Owner: fam. Karajkovic


Orchard Red Prince X Heitrak’s Marvin

Gelding, 2015 (pony)

Owner: fam. Karajkovic


Going Top X Dublin

Gelding, 2003 (pony)

Owner: fam. Steevens


Scolari X Donnerhall

Gelding, 2008

Owner: F. Hazenveld


Brillant X Colorado

Stallion, 1996 (pony)

Boticelli is enjoying his retirement.

Owner: MDH Sporthorses

In Memoriam

Tom Tom Go

Cabochon X Tolbert

Gelding, 2000 – 2014

Tom Tom Go was Anne’s first horse. Later Lotte took over the reins, they won the silver team medal at the European championships juniors in 2014 and also won the silver medal at the Dutch championships juniors in 2014.


Touch Me X Donnerschwee

Gelding, 2012 – 2019

Talisman was supposed to be Lotte’s future Grand Prix horse. They had an incredible connection and there was no denying Talisman was her favorite.

MDH Ohio

Indoctro X Akteur

Gelding, 1996 – 2019

MDH Ohio has had a very successful career. He said goodbye to the competitions at the European championships in 2016. They won the silver team medal and that was his final competition. After that he enjoyed every minute of his retirement in the field.